12th English 100 marks model paper 2022

12th English 100 marks model paper 2022

1. Dr. Zakir Hussain was a great…….
(A) politician (B) leader
(C) nationalist (D) thinker

2. Dr. Zakir Hussain took the Oath as the ……………
(A) President (B) Governor
(C) Minister (D) Mayor

3. Nanukaka was the narrator’s …..
[Sc. & Com. 2018A]
(A) maternal uncle (B) father
(C) cousin (D) mother

4. The line “And the nightingale is dumb’ is taken from ……. [Sc. & Com. 2020A, 2019A]
(A) Fire Hymn (B) Now the Leaves are Falling Fast
(C) Ode to Autumn (D) Sweetest Love I Do Not Goe

5. Walt Whitman was an/a ……..
(A) American poet (B) British poet
(C) Russian poet (D) Indian poet
6. Ravindra Nath Tagore wrote ……
(A) Geetanjali (B) Savitri
(C) Macbeth (D) Madhumati

7. “A Passage to India’ was written by…….
(A) Edmund Spenser (B) Lord Tennyson
(C) E. M. Forster (D) John Milton

8. The teacher……..the lesson yesterday.
(Sc. & Com. 2020A)
(A) teaches (B) taught
(C) will teach (D) has taught

9. When Radha ……. back , she will sleep. (Sc. & Com.2018A)
(A) will come (B) comes
(C) came (D) has come

10. You are the …….. the poor. (guess)
(A) will help (B) help
(C) helping (D) had helped

11. We ………. help the poor. (Imp)
(A) go (B) went
(C) should (D) must

12. Kamala Das is an ……. poetess. (2011A)
(A) American (B) African
(C) Indian (D) None of these

13. When was Manohar Malgaonkar born. ?
(A) 1917 (B) 1915
(C) 1916 (D) 1913

14. ‘ My Experiments with Truth ‘ was written by …….
(A) J.L Nehru (B) Zakir Hussain
(C) H.E Bates (D) Mahtma Gandhi

15. Who got Nobel Prize in Literature in 1950 ?
(A) Bertrand russell (B) Zakir Hussain
(C) H.E Bates (D) Mahtma Gandhi

16. I was waiting…..her on the platform.
(Choose the correct preposition)
(A) to (B) for
(C) in (D) at

17. ….. God bless you ! (choose the correct option)
(A) can (B) may
(C) should (D) must

18. ……….. I use your phone ?
(choose the correct option)
(A) can (B) would
(C) may (D) must

19. ……. you be always happy !
(choose the correct option)
(A) can (B) may
(C) should (D) must

20. If it …………… (rain) we shall not go out.
(choose the correct option)
(A) is rain (B) are rain
(C) rains (D) rained

21. She …………… (meet) me long ago.
(choose the correct option)
(A) meet (B) met
(C) meeted (D) is meeting

22. He……………..(write) now.
(choose the correct option)
(A) is writing (B) are writing
(C) was writing (D) will writing

23. If she comes I …….. (go).
(choose the correct option)
(A) is go (B) shall going
(C) will go (D) will goes

24. He loved me.
(choose the correct passive voice)
(A) I am loved by him (B) I have loved by him.
(C) I had loved by him (D) I was loved by him

25. I read a book
(choose the correct passive voice)
(A) A book are read by me.
(B) A book was read by me.
(C) A book is read by me.
(D) None of these

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