bseb 10th english viral question exam 2022 // education galaxy


bseb 10th english viral question exam 2022 // education galaxy

Direction ( Q. No. 94-100 : Choose the most suitable translate.

1. मैं यह पुस्तक पढ़ चुका हूं।

(A) I have been reading this book.
(B) I am reading this book.
(C) I have read this book.
(D) I read this book.

Answer ⇒ C
2. सुबह में टहलना लाभदायक है।

(A) Walking is good in the morning.
(B) Walking in the morning is beneficial. (C) Good is walking in the morning.
(D) Morning walking is useful.

Answer ⇒ D
3. इस फल को मत खाओ।

(A) Eat not this fruit.
(B) Not eat this fruit.
(C) Don’t eat this fruit.
(D) Don’t eating this fruit.

Answer ⇒ C
4. कमरे की खिड़की खोल दो।

(A) Open the windows of the room.
(B) Windows let be opened of the room. (C) Open the room’s window
(D) Open the room of the window.

Answer ⇒ A
5. बच्चे रोज शतरंज खेलते हैं।

(A) Children will be playing chess everyday
(B) Chess is being played everyday.
(C) Children play chess everyday
(D) Everyday chess played by children

Answer ⇒ C
6. कृपया बैठ जाएं।

(A) You are asked to sit down
(B) Sit down please
(C) Request you to sit down
(D) You should sit down 100.

Answer ⇒ B
7. उसने मुझे भारत के बारे में कहानियां सुनाइ।

(A) He told me stories about India
(B) He used to tell me stories about India
(C) Told stories about India by him
(D) He tell stories about India

Answer ⇒ A

8. When people started fighting, Akoulya and Malasha started to dig a ………..

(A) Channel
(B) River
(C) Stream
(D) Well

Answer ⇒ D
9. The source of light in the evening in villages is the ……..

(A) Torch
(B) Sun
(C) Moonbeams
(D) Bulb

Answer ⇒ C
10. The speaker in the poem Ode on Solitude wants to live……

(A) Unseen
(B) Unlamented
(C) Unknown
(D) All of these

Answer ⇒ D

11. The polythene bag never gets ………… in the earth..

(A) Dissolved
(B) Sucked
(C) Absorbed
(D) Soaked

Answer ⇒ A
12. Health and virtue can be found in the ……….

(A) Hospital
(B) Houses
(C) Countryside ;
(D) Town

Answer ⇒ C
13. ………… broods on the banks of the river.

(A) Radha
(B) Sumitra
(C) Krishna
(D) Pallavi

Answer ⇒ A
14. The rich man wanted the eighth pot to be filled with …….

(A) Silver
(B) Copper
(C) Gold
(D) Diamond

Answer ⇒ C
15. Fleas and ……… infest the body of the porter.

(A) Lice
(B) Flies ;
(C) Cockroaches
(D) Insects

Answer ⇒ D
16. Martha’s beauty would ……….. as her voice ran out.

(A) Melt
(B) Run
(C) Fade
(D) Go

Answer ⇒ C
17. Halku warmed himself by burring some …………

(A) Leaves
(C) Paper
(D) Grass

Answer ⇒ A
18. Allergy is a malfunction of the human ………. System.

(A) Digestive
(B) Respiratory
(C) Immune
(D) Nervous

Answer ⇒ C
19. During the first year of imprisonment, the lawyer played the ………… .

(A) Violin
(B) Drums
(C) Guitar
(D) Piano

Answer ⇒ D
20. The author knew Mr. Gessler since his ……….

(A) Infancy
(B) Childhood.
(C) Extreme youth
(D) Boyhood

Answer ⇒ C
21.A…….. was organized at the house of Sun and moon.

(A) Prayer
(B) Meeting
(C) Concert
(D) Serninar

Answer ⇒ C
22. The daughter in Two Horizons’ performed her duty without a word of ……..

(A) Protest
(B) Anger
(C) Appreciation
(D) Happiness

Answer ⇒ A
23. The narrator in ‘Love Defiled’ was a ………. man.

(A) Courageous
(B) Weak
(C) Strong
(D) Bold

Answer ⇒ B
24. Aung San Suu Kyi could not accept the Nobel Peace Prize herself because she was in ……

(A) Prison
(B) Office
(C) Hospital
(D) Coma

Answer ⇒ A
25. An Indian film should steer clear of ………

(A) Ambiguity
(B) Inconsistencies
(C) Imagination
(D) Controversies.

Answer ⇒ B
26. Gillu was buried under the ……… plant.

(A) Tulsi
(B) Dahlia
(C) Sonjuhi
(D) Rose

Answer ⇒ C
27. How does the author in ‘The Pace for Living’ describe himself as a thinker ?

(A) Slow
(B) Fast
(C) Reckless
(D) Mindless

Answer ⇒ A
28. Aung San Suu Kyi fought for ……. from tyranny. :

(A) Separation
(B) Emancipation
(C) Suppression
(D) Participation

Answer ⇒ C
29. The spirit of …….. has kept Indian culture intact.

(A) Histrory
(B) Toleration
(C) Civilization
(D) Brotherhood

Answer ⇒ B
30. Akoulya’s mother hit Malasha at the back of her.

(A) Neck
(B) Hands
(C) Head
(D) Legs

Answer ⇒ A
31. Who consoles at noon in ‘God Made the Country’?:

(A) Mountains
(B) Birds
(C) Groves
(D) Orchards:

Answer ⇒ C
32. The koel hides among the …… leaves.

(A) Mango
(B) Bamboo
(C) Banana
(D) Banyan

Answer ⇒ A
33.The…………. give a happy man shade.

(A) Crops
(B) Trees
(C) Fields
(D) House

Answer ⇒ B
34. The author tried to feed gillu some ……..

(A) Glucose
(B) Biscuit
(C) Milk
(D) Juice

Answer ⇒ C
35. Where did the author in ‘The Pace for Living’ see a play

(A) Dublin
(B) Belfast
(C) London
: (D) Birininham

Answer ⇒ A
36. …….. were burnt by Mr. Willianis.

(A) Leaves
(B) Plastic
(C) Plants
(D) Paper

Answer ⇒ A
37. The Koel is desperately looking his

(A) beloved
(B) food
(C) friends
(D) rain

Answer ⇒ A
38. ‘The demon Desire now made him mad’ is from

(A) The Empty Heart
(B) Koel
(C) Thinner Than a Crescent
(D) Martha

Answer ⇒ A
39. When Martha told her stories, the children stared at her with

(A) joy
(B) ease
(C) tension
(D) attention

Answer ⇒ D
40. The porter is the proud conqueror of

(A) mountain
(B) cliff
(C) sleep
(D) nature

Answer ⇒ D
41. The poem “The Empty Heart” highlights man’s insatiable

(A) food
(B) hunger
(C) greed
(D) nature

Answer ⇒ C
42. “I am restless. Where is my Beloved ?” is from

(A) Koel
(B) Martha
(C) Thinner Than a Crescent
(D) Ode on Solitude

Answer ⇒ A
43. Katherine Mansfield followed in the footsteps of

(A) Leo Tolstoy
(B) T.S. Eliot
(C) Anton Chekov
(D) Jane Austen

Answer ⇒ C
44. ‘Two Horizons’ written by Binapati Mohanty has been translated into English by

(A) Mahadevi Verma
(B) Nissim Ezekiel
(C) Jayanta Mahapatra
(D) Shiv K. Kumar

Answer ⇒ C
45. ‘It was so typical of her – writty to the hilt, understanding to a fault’ – is from

(A) January Night
(B) Love Detiled
(C) Quality
(D) Two Horizons

Answer ⇒ B
46. ‘What I say is, give up this tenant farming’-Why does Munni say this ?

(A) Because they were poor
(B) Because they were lazy
(C) Because the master would threaten and insult thein
(D) Because they were farmers

Answer ⇒ C
47. The author in ‘Quality’ wanted Mr. Gessler to make him a pair of ……….. leather boots.

(A) Chinese
(B) Japanese
(C) Russian
(D) Indian

Answer ⇒ C
48. Why was there no one to look after Sun and Moon ?

(A) All were travelling
(B) All were busy making preparations for a party
(C) All were sleeping
(D) All were eating

Answer ⇒ B
49. “Eager and anxiously he shamelessly took…………” What did the man take ?

(A) Gold coins
(B) Fancy clothes
(C) Beautiful gems
(D) Property

Answer ⇒ A
50. Vidyapati was born in

(A). Bhagalpur
(B) Motihari
(C) Darbhanga
(D) Madhubani

Answer ⇒ D
51. Halku wanted to save himself and his pet dog Jabra from thè biting

(A) cold
(B) fire
(C) hunger
(D) fog

Answer ⇒ A
52. Allergy causes a violent………….. against normally harmless substances in our environment.

(A) anger.
(B) roughness
(C) action
(D) raction

Answer ⇒ D
53. The banker in ‘The Bet’ had given a party ………. years back.

(A) 10
(B) 12
(C) 15
(D) 20

Answer ⇒ C
54. What disability did the woman have in ‘Once Upon a Time! ?

(A) Obesity
(B). Paralysis
(C) Blindness
(D) Deafness

Answer ⇒ C
55. The common characteristic of all cultures is

(A) adjustment
(B) civilization
(C) toleration
(D) unity

Answer ⇒ D
56. If the Indian film nakers keep their ………. open, they are sure to make good films.

(A) windows
(B) eyes
(C) mouths
(D) doors

Answer ⇒ B
57. Akoulva’s and Malasha’s mothers …………. with each .. other.

(A) sat .
(B) laughed
(C) shopped
(D) quarreled

Answer ⇒ D
58. Some ………. people visited the old woman in ‘Once Upon a Time’.

(A) young
(B) old
(C) gentle
(D) uncivilized

Answer ⇒ A
59. The corn-merchant was getting ……….. by his nephew in The Pace for Living’.

(A) beaten up
(B) scolded
(C) cheated
(D) praised

Answer ⇒ C
Directions ( Q. No. 61-66 ) : Choose the correct option of the following :

60. Mr. Johnson tells Jim that driving his motorbike causes …….. pollution,

(A) noise
(B) soil
(C) water
(D) air

Answer ⇒ A
61. Active voice of : ‘The story is told by my uncle.’

(A) My uncle telling the story.
(B) My uncle will tell the story.
(C) My uncle tells the story.
(D) My uncle has told the story.

Answer ⇒ C
62. Passive Voice of : ‘Please help me’

(A) You are requested to help me.
(B) You are ordered to help me. .
(C) You are told to help me.
(D) You are telling to help me.

Answer ⇒ A
63. Active Voice of : ‘A car had to be bought by Atul.’

(A) Atul was to buy a car.
(B) Atul had to buy a car.
(C) Atul may buy a car.
(D) Atul will have to buy a car.

Answer ⇒ B
64. Passive Voice of: ‘We expect good news.’

(A) We will be expected good news.
(B) Expected the good news by us. ,
(C) Good news had to be expected by us.
(D) Good news is expected by us.

Answer ⇒ D
65. Active voice of: ”I was made to laugh.” is

(A) Laughing is me
(B) Me is laughed
(C) He made me laugh
(D) He should be laugh

Answer ⇒ C
66. Passive voice of: ‘A reply must be sent’. is

(A) You must send a reply
(B) You have sent a reply
(C) You can send reply
(D) Replying by you is must

Answer ⇒ A
Direction ( Q. No. 67-72 ) : Choose the indirect speech of the given sentences.

67. Sarita said to me, “I saw you going to the market yesterday!

(A) Sarita asked me that she saw me going to the market yesterday.
(B) Sarita told me that she had seen me going to the market the previous day.
(C) Sarita said that she saw me going yesterday to the market.
(D) Sarita asked if I was going to the market yesterday.

Answer ⇒ B
68. Rahim says, “I must do it.”

(A) Rahim told that he will do it.
(B) Rahim said that he has to do it.
(C) Rahim says that he must do it.
(D) Rahim says that he had done it.

Answer ⇒ C
69. He said to me, “Please lend me your pen.”

(A) He requested me to lend him my pen
(B) He said to lend him his pen
(C) He told that he wanted his pen
(D) He said that he wants the pen

Answer ⇒ A
70. Upendra said, “I am going home.”

(A) Upendra told that he went home.
(B) Upendra ‘answered that he goes home.
(C) Upendra said that he was going home.
(D) Upendra said that he is going home.

Answer ⇒ C
81. The servant put …….. the light.

(A) in
(B) out
(C) into
(D) of

Answer ⇒ B
82. He objected………

(A) in
(B) by
(C) of .
(D) to

Answer ⇒ D
83. Aim ………. dọing your work.

(A) at
(B) in
(C) on
(D) for

Answer ⇒ A
84. The band will play ……….. request,

(A) on.
(C) with
(D) for

Answer ⇒ A
85. Let us hope ………. the best.

(A) by
(B) at
(C) for
(D) of

Answer ⇒ C
86. We got ………. difficulties.

(A) into
(B) at
(C) by
(D) with

Answer ⇒ D
Direction ( Q. No. 87-93 ) : Choose the correctly spelt word.


(A) Miting
(B) Meeting
(C) Meting
(D) Meetting

Answer ⇒ B

(A) Habituelly
(B) Habiteuly
(C) Habitualy
(D) Habitually

Answer ⇒ D

(A) Distribyutd
(B) Distribut
(C) Distribute
(D) Destribute

Answer ⇒ C

(A) Suffer
(B) Sufer
(C) Saffor
(D) Seffer

Answer ⇒ A

91. What is the situation when the writer goes to see the cinema ?(A) Happy
(B) Hopeless
(C) Satisfactory
(D) pleasant

Answer ⇒ B
92. Who got tired of getting Ms. Greene do something for ecology ?(A) Mr. Greene
(B) Mr. Willams
(C) Jim
(D) Mr. Johnson

Answer ⇒ C
93. Everybody was astonished by Gillu’s antics and …….(A) Strength
(B) Anger
(C) Weakness
(D) Intellect

Answer ⇒ D
94. The cinema also combines the cold ……… of science.(A) Logic
(B) Experiments
(C) Philosophy
(D) Chemistry

Answer ⇒ B
95. The Nobel Peace Prize to Aung San Suu Kyi was applauded ..

(A) Nationally
(B) Internationally
(C) Politically
(D) Locally

Answer ⇒ B
96. The old woman is a daughter of ………

(A) Tribals
(B) Slaves
(C) Americans
(D) Negroes

Answer ⇒ B
97. ……….. is common in all cultures.

(A) Tolerance
(B) Readjustment
(C) Unity
(D) Civilization

Answer ⇒ C


(A) Apeal
(B) Apiel
(C) Appeal
(D) Apeil

Answer ⇒ C

(A) Recomend
(B) Recoumend
(C) Ricomind
(D) Recommend

Answer ⇒ D


(A) Impatient
(B) Empasènt
(C) Impetent
(D) Impecent

Answer ⇒ A





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