12th English 100 Marks Important Summary Bihar Board Poetry | Bseb 12th English Summary Poetry

12th English 100 Marks Important Summary Bihar Board Poetry

Story Author
Sweetest Love, I Don’t Goe John Donne
Songs Of Myself Walt Whiteman
Now The Leaves Are Falling Fast W.H.Auden
To Autumn John Keats
An Epitaph Walter De La Mare
The soldier Rupert Brooke
Macavity: The Mystery Cat T.S. Eliot
Fire-Hymn Keki N. Daruwala
Snake D.H. Lawrence
My Grandmother’s House Kamla Das

The soldier – Poetry

If i should die , think only this of me ; That there’s some corner of a foreigen field That is for ever England .There shall be In that rich earth a richer .There shall be In that rich earth a richer dust concealed; A dust whom England bore, shaped , made aware Gave once ,her flowers to love ,her ways to roam, A body of England’s breathing English air , Washed by the rivers , blest by suns of home. And think , this heart ,all evil shed away, A pulse in the eternal mind , no less Gives ,somewhere back the thoughts by England given; Her sights and sounds; dreams happy as her day; And laughter ,learnt of friends; and gentless, in hearts at peace ,under an English heaven.


The soldier – Summary

The soldier is a patriotic poem written by an english poet Rupert Brooke. It presents a fine feeling of a soldier. He does not see war as a harrowing event, but as a glorious sacrifice. He says every English soldier is protected and glorified by English beauty. Soldiers actually never die for their motherland. They get peace and comfort under the heavenly existence of their country. Their motherland feels proud of them and always remembers them. the poem has universal tone.


Snake – Summary

Snake is written by an English poet D.H. Lawrence. In this poem, he curses modern education that compels him to kill an innocent snake. A snake comes to a water through to drink water in the hottest noon of the summer. The poet goes through many questions whether to kill it or not. The poet’s knowledge forces him to kill it after it is drunk and tries to return. But immediately after this act of killing he regrets a lot.


My Grandmother’s House – Poetry

There is a house now far away where once I recevied love .That woman died. The house withdrew into silence ,snakes moved Among books i was then too young To read ,and , my blood turned cold like the moon . How often i think of going There ,to peer through blind eyes of windows or just listen to the frozen air, Or in wind despair ,pick an armful of Darkness to bring it here to lie Behind my bedroom’s door like a brooding Dog… you cannot believe ,darling can you ,that i lived in such a house and Was proud ,and loved… i who have lost My way and beg now at strangers’ doors to Receive love ,at least in small change?

My Grandmother’s House – Summary 

‘My Grandmother’s House’ is written by an indian poetess Kamala Das. Here, she describes the deserted condition of her grandmother’s house and her own life. Her grandmother is no more. She finds herself alone. She lacks love in her life. The present condition of the house is fearful. The poetess wants to take from this place an armful of darkness at her house where she lives now. She wants to put this darkness safely in her bedroom to recollect the memory of the past.


Fire-Hymn – Summary

‘Fire-Hymm’ is written by an indian poet Keki N. Daruwala. It describes a scene of a ghat where daed bodies are burnt. The fire leaves the bodies half burnt. Poet’s father underestimates the rites of one religion. He shows superiority of his own religion. At this, the poet is hurt. He breaks the boundary of his religion. He performs the last rites of his child going against the demand of his religion. He swears to end differences among religions.


The Earth – Summary

‘The Earth’ is a very fine story written by an English writer H.E. Bates. It is the story of a farmer named Johnson. He is thrown out of his house by his own son namesd Benjy. Benjy is a simple minded son. His parents all the time worry about his well being. They take him to a doctor. He suggests them to help him start a business of his own. They help him start his poultry farming. Benjy works hard and becomes a very rich person of the area. He marries a girl named Florence against the wishes of his parents. The house, in which they live in, is bought by Benjy. Benjy compels his parents to shift their room in which they have slept all their lives. One day, he drives them away from the house too. Benjy’s father and mother are left alone on an unfamiliar road to help themselves.

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An Epitaph – Summary

‘An Epitaph’ is written by an English poet Walter De la Mare. The poet expresses his sad feeling for an empty epitaph of a lady. The lady belongs to the west country .He considers her the most beautiful and charming lady.But the poet feels ,the beauty even the rarest beauty also dies with the person.there is no one to remember this beauty after the person dies.People see good work left behind by a person.Citation of these pieces of work adds to the beauty of an epitaph.

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