12th English 100 Marks Important Summary Bihar Board | 12th English Bseb Summary

12th English 100 Marks Important Summary Bihar Board[Prose]

Story Author
Indian civilization and culture Mahatma Gandhi
Bharat is my home Dr jakir hussain
Bharat is my home Dr jakir hussain
A pinch of snuff Manohar Malgaonkar
I have a dream Martin luther king
Ideas that have helped mankind Bertrand Russell
The Artist shiga Naoya
A child is born Germaine Greer
How Free is the press Dorothy L Sayers
The Earth H.E. Bates
India through a travellers’s Eye Pearl S. Buck
A Marriage Proposal Anton Chekhov

Indian civilization and culture – Summary

‘indian civilization and culture’ is an essay that presents the ideas of mahatma gandhi about the indian civilization and culture.he compares the indian or the ancient civilization with the western or the modern civilization. he says that indian civilization develops morality while western civilization spreads immorality. our civilization can teach the world, therefore, we need not copy the western civilization. our ancestors advised us to maintain distance from the use of machinery because the use of machinery may paralyse our hands and feet. they suggested resisting our wants to lead a happy life. our civilisation is still alive while the other civilisation of the world died. therefore, in gandhiji’s words if we want our indian to rise and shine, we should always value the glory and dignity of our civilisation and culture. there is no match for it in this world where a mad rush for materials has deadened the mind of people.


I have a Dream – Summary

‘I have a dream’ is a speech delivered by martin luther king, jr. on the steps of the lincoln memorial in wastington dc on august 28, 1963. here, he speaks about his dream of seeing America as a developed country. He wants his country free from racial distinction between the whites and the blacks the speech brings a great change in the country. King himself establishes as one of the greatest orators of the world. in his speech he requests his audience to maintain peace and conduct their movement with dignity. He reminds the authority his promises that were made one hundred years ago. He presents the poor and bad condition of the negro slaves. they live in slums and ghettos. they are deprived of their right to vote. they are cruelly treated by the police. they have lost all hopes of life. he demands that they must be now provided with their right if America is to be a great nation.


Bharat is My Home – Summary

‘Bharat is my home’ is the part of the speech delivered by Dr. Zakir Hussain just after taking the oath as the president of India. He thanks the people of the country who have considered him able for this highest office of the nation. He then pledges himself to the loyalty of our country and its people irrespective of caste, creed and language. He says India is his home and its people his family members. He asks the people to come forward and help him in the great task of building the character of our nation. He says self development is first necessary to ensure the development of the society. he believes the past is alive and dynamic, it is not dead. It decides the quality of the present and the prospect of our future. education is the most important element in determining the quality of a nation. he calls for dedicated work towards the overall development of our country to make it a prosperous place to live in.


A marriage proposal – Summary

‘A marriage proposal’ is a very fine drama written by a Russian writer Anton Chekhov. It presents a true picture of a village life. presents a character Lomov that is hypochondriac. His mental illness creates trouble for him. He plans to propose to a girl Natalia who already loves him secretly. The trouble begins when he reaches her house to ask for her hand in marriage. the girl’s father Choobookov is very happy to hear the news but Lomov is misunderstood by the girl. The girl after some talk quarrels with him on issue of a piece of land. Natalia insults Lomov and he leaves the place hopelessly. When Natalia comes to know that he had come to propose to her.She becomes mad and recalls him. they quarrel again this time on the matter of their dogs. in the last scene, Natalia’s father takes the matter seriously and joins Lomov’s hand with Natalia’s and there comes a happy end.


Ideas That Helped Mankind – Summary

Bertrand Russell in his easy named ‘ideas that have helped mankind’ discusses some factors that helped mankind to developed. Increasing number of the people must have been the first factor for their development. The second most important advantage, the man had over other animals, was his inteligence that he could hand on from generation to generation. Man had some inborn skills and some more he acquired during his own life. This very quality of man made him, over a period of time, very developed and civilised from that of other animals and he became man. Man thought and established himself different from other animals. He developed two types of ideas first relating to knowledge and technique and second relating to moral and politics. the dicovery of fire, cultivation, domestication of animals and the art of writing where just the beginning in his becoming the master of the world.


India through a Traveller’s eye – Summary

‘India through a Traveller’s eye’, is a very fine travelogue by an american authorees pearl S. Buck. She praises indians because of their willingness to pay the full price for faith. She says she has known a lot about this country through her parents since childhood. She once visits India to listen to its two classes of people’. The young intellectuals in the cities and the patients in village. The young intellectuals are found restless and defeated. They feel that the english have cheated them. The patients in the village are seen very poor and their children suffering from malnutrition. The villagers have great respect for their religion. In India, the life-span is only 27 years. Everywhere only the english are to be blamed for. In Indian villages she finds that the leadership can be continued only by the person who is not self-seeking.

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